The Backpacking App – What The Hell Is It?

The first blog post… where to start… where to start… Well I suppose I should probably tell you who I am and what The Backpacking App is? Perfect! That’s what I am going to write about. Who’d have thought rambling could be so productive.

the backpacking app

Who Am I?


My name is Matthew and I have been living on the road since 2012, although I have been travelling my whole life. By the age of 2 I had been to six continents, I have lived in 8 countries (Brazil, Oman, UK, Paraguay, The Netherlands, Australia, Sweden and Canada. In that order) and although I am from the UK, I wasn’t born there and have spent most of my life abroad.

The Backpacking App
stuffed in a bus on the way to Mardi Grass, Nimbin

It is no surprise then, that while I sat in dusty lecture halls in central London, reading clichéd Kerouac novels, I was dreaming about far off lands and fun adventures. So when schooling ended and everyone around me started to get jobs, I booked a one-way ticket out of there – to Australia.

The Backpacking App
climbing Mount Tibrobargan

Since then I have been scuba diving in Borneo, nearly falling off a cliff in Bolivia, finding out what happens to your stomach when you finish a goon sac, venturing into deepest darkest DPRK, writing countless unpublished novels and spending the last six months of my life living in a transit van in Alaska and the Yukon.

The Backpacking App
chilling in the Gili Islands

While I was travelling around, getting visas, finding work and generally filling my days, I started getting frustrated. When I got to a new place, I would scour the internet, sifting through so much content, looking for tips on the best things to do. Finding the best things to do was confusing and exhausting. Most travellers I met said they wanted to do things that were different from the norm, take the road less travelled as it were. So assuming they were doing things differently, why wasn’t anyone writing it down?

The Backpacking App
the view from my van/home in Alaska

I started making lists of the cool things I had done or wanted to do. These lists proved to be pretty handy. When I met someone travelling the other way and they asked me what they should do, I could give them one of the lists and send them on their way.

The Backpacking App
Mixing with the locals in North Korea

Yeah, yeah, enough about you. What actually is The Backpacking App?


It is those lists. With the help of my cousin, we touched them up, gave them a slap of paint and made a free app! It is available now on the Apple App Store and it is poppin!

The Backpacking App
pretty sexy, huh? I wonder what happen when you press it.

We let backpackers know about the best things to do, see and experience in Australia. Whether you are wondering what to do on a rainy day in Melbourne, what the funnest things to do in Byron Bay might be, or what the best free things to do around Cairns are, we’ll let you know.

The Backpacking App
makes you want to download the app, doesn’t it?

The Backpacking App

Oh, and there’s more! We let you know about the best ways to get from place to place, how to get your Tax File Number if you are on a Working Holiday Visa, what to do when (if…) you leave Australia… that sort of thing. We will try to make it easy for you with step by step guides to all the boring stuff. The app should help you save some money too, because we will help you do things on the cheap! We are not talking about $50 a day cheap, because that isn’t cheap. We are talking cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap. This is an app created by backpackers, not businesses, and we pride ourselves on providing great content.


So, start getting excited! Follow us on social media! Keep checking this blog! Sign up to our newsletter!

Shit is about to get real.



the backpacking app




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